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Moral Kombat – Spencer Halpin, Lorne Lanning, Ramy  Katrib
Excels in Story, Production Value, New Media
  • Personalized New Media Film Festival Film Slate Award
  • $10,000 Post Production from Greenhouse Studios
  • Distribution Opportunity from Award Winning Go Digital Distribution
  • A day at Kess Pro Studios
  • Production Consulting & Services from Award Winning Select Services Films Inc
  • Casting from Susan Johnston Casting
  • One year subscription to Scripped Pro Services
  • Final Draft Version 8
  • Subscription to Script Magazine
  • Filmmaking Webinar On Demand
  • Showbiz Labor Guide
  • Become part of "The Best of LA" New media Film Festival screening series to be submitted worldwide

3D Winners Receive
  • 2 hours 3D color correction from Hollywood DI

3D Winners
  • Winner 3D Content Award Tema.ca
  • Winner 3D Innovation Award The Music Peace
  • Winner 3D Stereography Award Cosmic Journey

Category Winners Receive
  • Personalized New Media Film Festival Film Slate Award
  • Final Draft Version 8
  • Subscription to Script Magazine
  • Filmmaking Webinar On Demand
  • Showbiz Labor Guide
  • Distribution Opportunity from Award Winning Go Digital Distribution
  • Become part of "The Best of LA" New media Film Festival screening series to be submitted worldwide.
  • Various prizes

Winners by Category
  • Animation – Tempo  Dir. Eduardo Ramierez Montiel-Mexico
  • Apps- Doddle Me Richard Kwiat-US
  • Art On Wall Sunset Dir. Peter Hriso US
  • Digital Comics-Madam Samurai – Writer Gary Young (Harry Brown) & Artist David Hitchcock (Spring Heeled Jack)-UK
  • Documentary  Feature– Moral Kombat - Spencer Halpin, Lorne Lanning, Ramy  Katrib, US
  • Documentary Short- YS Yannick Sire Dir. Oli  and Joe US
  • Feature- Quirk of Fate Dir. Marco J. Riedl  -Germany
  • LGBT- McCracken Live!- Brian Beacock -US
  • Mingle Media TV Travel Companions, Dir. Ferdinando Carcavallo, Italy
  • Mobile The Sun is Down Dir. Jason Whiton US
  • Music Video- Linkin Park – "Waiting For The End" 3D - Passmore Lab-US
  • Shorts- Not Your Time Dir. Jay Kamen US This category also receives $5k Post Package from Greenhouse Studios
  • Shot on Red Sleeping with Frank Dir. Lily Baldwin US
  • SRC - Socially Responsible Content The Drop Dir. Marvelyne Engel US
  • Web Series- Jungle Fever 2  Dir. Peter Haynes - New Zealand

Award Presenters
  • Founder/Director Susan Johnston
  • Golden Globe Winner John Saxon
  • Golden Globe, Independent Spirit Award, LA Critics Winner & Oscar Nom. Sally Kirkland
  • Actress Erin Gray
  • Special Thanks to Sarah Leners

People Are Talking

"The opening night 3D program was among the best I've ever been to"
.- Sean Moro, writer-director "Redux"

“I really enjoyed the selection, most edifying.”
Ilene Proctor, International Public Relations

"You pulled together a heroic task into a great event. Kudos!"
Frank Chindamo
President & Chief Creative Officer

"I so enjoyed everything about it--the event, the content, the people, the technology, the enthusiasm..."

Former NFL Football Player, American Gladiator, Actor, Lee "HAWK" Reherman

"Winning the Director’s Choice Award from the Dallas Video & Film Festival was a personal accomplishment that I will always cherish, but have the documentary win the overall Grand Prize from the New Media Film Festival and acknowledged in such a way, and amongst such esteemed colleagues, speaks more to the collaborative effort that the entire cast and crew put into the film. It’s an important credit and compliment to all of the interviewees – many of whom had never been on-camera – the crews, and my partner on the project, Ramy Katrib. We’re collaborating on my latest project, a portrait called, To Fix You, about the future of healthcare, medicine and human longevity. I hope to leverage this award in working with more colleges, universities and pharmaceutical companies and am deeply humbled and grateful.”
– Spencer Halpin, Moral Combat

"Susan put together programming that covers the spectrum of where today's storytellers are sharing their stories. The New Media Film Festival is not for the young or old, it is for all of us who have a story to share with the world."
- Stephanie Piche, Executive Producer, Mingle Media TV Network
Congratulations to this Year's Winners! Here is the Event Recap:
Video Clips from the Festival Panels (more coming!)

Mingle Media TV's LIVE Stream Red Carpet Report was seen by over 40K viewers world wide on opening night of the Festival

Below are photos from the 2 Day Event
Submit to New Media Film Festival
All Ages:
10 years old to 80’s created content

All Cultures:
Winners from UK, Italy, New Zealand, Mexico
Entries from Russia, Japan, Mongolia & more

All Media:
Art, Dance, Photos, Film, Mobile, Live Stream, Crowd Sourcing, Apps, SRC, Digital Comics, Uploads, WebSeries Superstars and our New Media International Art On Wall Exhibit in our Popchips Networking Lounge

Honoring Film Roots: 7 Foot Sculpture of Vincent Price from his role in House of Wax (1953) was exchibited during the festival thanks to ArtofClaySculptureStudio.com


We are excited to announce that Submissions are being accepted for Nov. 2011 SF Bay Area
New Media Film Festival

....and our 3rd Annual
New Media Film Festival taking place May 2012 in
Los Angeles
Now has a Pre-to-Post Production Prize Package worth $22,000.00

Submit now
Awesome article recapping the festival from the Examiner.com

Have you written an article about the festival? Please let us know. Email the link to us.
People Are Talking - Part Deux

"Such a great group of people involved!  I am so impressed with the team you have pulled together!!"
.- Nick Urbom,  International 3D Society

“Susan, I observed your great energy and enthusiasm and believe you are developing a festival that will be of great value to large numbers of people as the years progress and trust you’ll stay with it.  Of particular note is the uniform brilliance of your presenters....”
- Art Kirsch, Publisher - OCShowbiz Magazine

"Susan, I can't believe that we won the category Feature with "Quirk of Fate". Thank you so so so much for the Award. My heart jumps for joy. Greetings from Germany."
- Marco J. Riedl, Quirk of Fate

"I did a small sponsorship for the New Media Film Festival. I can tell you, it was a welcome oasis and reminder that life and creativity does go on around us. Bravo Susan... bravo...."
- Jeanne Koesters, Tallgirl3, LLC

"Everything was top notch, ran smoothly and was a lot fun! The "win" was a huge surprise and we're extremely grateful.  Thanks so much!

-Brian Beacock, & the entire "McCracken Live!" team

International Press Coverage from Italy
Il nuovo video di Lara Celenza a Hollywood in premiere mondiale, La video arte D.I.V.A. al New Media Film Festival a Los Angeles  Official Selection: D.I.V.A

Entered in the Competition? Get your laurels for your site today.